Please contact us if you have pro-bono project proposals or want to join the Elixir Labs volunteer development team. Below you can find descriptions of some of the different projects we have available. Don't find something below but still want to get involved? Send us an email anyway!


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Project Leads

Project Leads, who may additionally play another role listed below, are the primary Elixir Labs points of contact with partners. They lead the majority of partner interactions, from start to finish (kick-offs, major milestones, ad hoc discussions), in both written and verbal formats, help the partner understand the requirements and expectations for a project, report on the progress of the project to both the partner organization and Elixir Labs leadership and coordinate resources from a variety of sources as required by the team.

Project Leads have exceptional organizational skills. They communicate simply, with structure and with an understanding of their audiences. They are biased towards action, can foresee and mitigate potential issues and know how to solve current ones. They understand that success in these projects includes a process component and are unafraid of executing that component.

Project Managers

Product Managers drive the decisions behind the product. They translate the partner’s vision of the solution into actionable roadmaps, clarify the partner’s vision of the solution where it is not clear and make informed decisions about the allocation of their team’s time.

Product Managers excel at prioritization and understanding their users. They make the right decisions and influence their team to buy into those decisions. They understand how to deal with tradeoffs. They understand how to define and measure success, wherever that is feasible. They likely have an understanding, though not complete mastery, of the engineering and design skills required for the project.

Designers and Engineers

Designers and Engineers deliver the solution. They coordinate with the Product Manager to identify the near-term actions, execute on the highest-impact work and coordinate with other team members for resources and help wherever required

Designers and Engineers are experts or budding experts in their craft. They have a deep-set passion for contributing their talent for the greater good. They are effective in teams, understanding that their individual impact multiplies when used in conjunction with other talent.