Who are we?

A team of engineers, designers, and product managers building solutions for social good.

Elixir Labs was born out of a volunteer trip to Athens, Greece to help "Hack-The-Refugee-Crisis". The journey exposed the dire need for technical talent to solve a range of simple to complex problems that are present in growing nonprofits. Since then, we've assembled a skilled team (still growing!) of volunteers who are passionate about giving back to their communities and donating their tech skill set for public good. We're always looking for more help, so drop us a line if you have spare cycles to dedicate to our mission.

We first assembled out of a volunteer trip to Athens, Greece, where we saw clear areas for technology to play crucial roles in the refugee crisis but a shortage of technical talent to bring those solutions to life. Since then, we have identified that same shortage on a global scale and are proud to be involved in some of the most high-impact efforts, including:

  • - Easing refugee transitions in Germany
  • - Improving government transparency in Uganda
  • - Growing the tech community in the Caribbean and Latin America.

We save our partners tens to hundreds of thousands in technology development costs and deliver with some of the best technical talent available in the industry.

If you're interested in joining the team, get in touch!